This Is Patrick Rocchio .... With Middle Initial K

Welcome to my personal website! My name is Patrick K. Rocchio. The middle initial has some significance in that trolling on Facebook has made me aware of the fact that the world is fillled with hundreds, maybe thousands, of people named Patrick Rocchio. But, I am the only Patrick K. Rocchio on the planet!

I spent my early years living in Kokomo, Indiana. I graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 1969, and received a law degree from Notre Dame Law School in 1972. I spent the next three plus years as a lawyer (judge advocate) in the United States Navy. I expected to despise the experience but I thoroughly enjoyed it, and today I will cheer for Navy at its annual rivaly football game against Notre Dame. I was no stateside desk jockey lawyer. I served with the fleet in the Western Pacific and recieved letters of commendation for my service, presented by both the Commander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet and Commander Fleet Activities Okinawa. Go Navy!

I have been married to a terrific woman and my very best friend since December, 1972. We have five adult age children, and seven beautiful grandchildren. Life is good.

After my honorable discharge from the Navy, we lived for 26 years in Coldwater, Michigan, a wonderful community in the middle of Michigan's southern tier of counties. After my arrival in 1976, I maintained and continued to operate a law office staffed with a single lawyer (me!) in Coldwater until year end 2016.

My family relocated its residence in 2002 to a home along the shore of Lake Michigan, near the city of New Buffalo, tucked into the extreme southwest corner of the state. The natural beauty of Lake Michigan, its towering sand dunes, and pristine beaches, breathtaking sunsets, combine to make a spectacular setting for a home. I am a very fortunate person.

I continued my law practice in Coldwater until the sale of my law office building on January 6, 2017. Now, my roster of clients is limited to persons seeking Social Security disability benefits and others engaged in disputes with insurance companies.

My passion is writing stories! My most recent book titled Keep the Hat on Your Head and Your Boots on the Pedals is available for public sale on Amazon and other internet outlets and traditional bookstores.