Message From Coldwater
Voice of Branch County WTVB

Residents of Coldwater and Branch County, Michigan, are very fortunate to have the presence of an award winning nationally proclaimed radio station with a signal so powerful that its programming is heard not only throughout the entire county but also the surrounding region of southcentral Michigan. 

From November, 2008, to mid-summer 2012, faithful listeners tuned their radios to WTVB every Wednesday morning to hear a broadcast of a weeky "message," read by me once each hour over the course of a three hour morning show, affectionately called "Delaney in the Morning," hosted by Ken Delaney, featuring local news, sports, and weather. 

Throughout the day, the people of Branch County and the entire region of southcentral Michigan would discuss with friends, family, and co-workers the message heard for that week. The topics chosen for the weekly message varied from highlighting local residents, community customs, holiday traditions, humorous anecdotes or stories, nature, and the seasons. 

Eventually, a selection of the weekly messages was chosen for inclusion in a book appropriately titled Message From Coldwater. Three thousand (3,000) plus copies have entered the homes of Branch County residents! If you would like to have a copy, contact me with your request.