Keep the Hat on Your Head and Your Boots on the Pedals

Introduction to Patrick’s Stories

An author who captures the diverse features of modern human life in his writings, Patrick K. Rocchio is considered by appreciative readers to be among the most entertaining American authors of his generation.

His original and personal stories are presented in a lyrical format which seems to create a “voice” by which he speaks directly and personally to each reader. No one is a distant stranger and every person becomes his close friend by experiencing the intensely personal emotions captured in Patrick’s truly inspirational and insightful stories.

In a sense, Patrick is you, the reader. His experiences become your personal experiences; his anecdotal stories become your anecdotal stories; his wry humor, his self-doubts, his simple joys, reflect an image of humanity easily recognizable by every reader as her or his own life story.

Skillful craftsmanship is displayed in the combination of language, mood, emotion, and thought that blend into a flow of words, syllables, accents, punctuation, and sentence structure which is a style associated with him, alone, in contemporary American literature. Patrick’s writing style features a rare use of resonance, tone, and cadence, typically produced only in the playing of musical instruments rather than the author’s voice expressed in two dimensional printed words.

Patrick’s life stories, indeed, describe the common threads of our distinctly human condition, sewn together into a seamless mosaic image that portrays the infinite variety of fascinatingly unique individuals which we, indeed, truly are!