Rocchio's Public Speaking Events

Second only to writing, my favorite activity is public speaking, preferably to an attentive audience, anywhere and anytime. I have spoken as the featured program at a variety of service and social club meetings, including Rotary, Exchange, Chamber of Commerce, and luncheon gatherings of senior citizens. 

In the past, I have organized, presented, and served as the moderator for management training sessions, including groups of realtors, insurance agents, and small business owners. 

If you are planning a meeting and need a master of ceremonies for the event, let's discuss it and see if I would be a good fit. I have filled that role on numerous occasions and always enjoy the experience.

Of course, one of my favorite topics to talk publicly about is my published book, Message From ColdwaterI would eagerly accept an invitation to speak to your service or social club, youth group, church meeting, or business about the experiences I have had both writing and publishing my book. 

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of Message From Coldwater, send me your request! 

Also, I would enthusisastically accept speaking invitations to discuss my current writing project, Notes From The College Scene Revisited, which is better explained by visiting the Facebook page titled in that name.