Writing Is Fun!

Writing is a very enjoyable activity. Everyone has the capacity to be a writer, although very few will experience the acclaim of celebrity status. Who cares? Writers choose to write because they enjoy the process of selecting words and phrases, arranging consonants and vowels, connecting subjects and verbs, in patterns or sequences --- sentences and paragraphs --- to communicate thoughts and ideas. 

Writing is a uniquely human experience. It connects our minds together. When I write I am extending myself, revealing myself, providing you with a view inside my brain. And, when you choose to read what I have written you allow your mind to connect with mine, and experience the essence of another person being revealed to you, my reader, at an extremely private level.

Writing and reading are activities limited to the human family. Whether you are writing or reading you recognize that the activity in which you are engaging is allowing you to communicate with others in a very intimate manner. Can you imagine the numbing degree of solitude we would have in life if we never experienced the joy of writing and reading? We wander together as pilgrims on this journey through life on earth, sharing a common time and space, connecting our spirits by the words we use to both write and read, discovering clues to our identities revealed in the experience of encountering our fellow human travellers.

I have been writing for as long as I can remember. Grade school, middle school, high school, and college I continued to write, finding it to be the perfect means by which to give form to my emotions and thougths and share the product with others. 

Writing is not unlike playing a musical instrument. I search for resonance in my words, or sound effects vibrating in the syllables forming the words I select to express a thought, emotion, or idea. Just as music has pitch and tone so do words written or typed to form sentences on paper. There must be harmony among the syllables of the words, blending together to transmit the appropriate sound to the ear of the reader, and that effect is referred to as resonance in the process of writing. 

Enjoy writing. Do it for the pleasure it provides you. Keep a journal, write letters the old fashioned way and mail them to friends and relatives, and occasionally submit an opinion letter to the editor of your local newspaper. Do not hesitate to be you, to be bold, and to express yourself in the form of written words. Before you know it, writing will become a passion for you as it for me!